I create Tasty Style cooking videos for your brand


What I Do?


1. I buy the ingredients

You send me the recipe that you need & I'll buy all the ingredients. Don't worry, the price of the ingredients is covered by me ?


2. I'll shoot the video

While I prepare the food I record the video, which is the most creative part.


3. I edit & deliver

I add effects, text, and music & I deliver the video on YouTube or Facebook ready format.


A Full HD recipe video

I Will Create An Custom Full HD Video Cooking Recipe in 5 days. Cooking videos are some of the most addictive content on the web.


+ I create a NEW recipe for your product

I can come up with a new recipe for your product myself, so you don't need to do this. The recipe will be made based on your needs ex Healthy, Vegan, Paleo, Keto or Raw etc.


+ 5 High Quality Product Images

I will create 5 high quality product shots with the finished recipe, featuring your product.


"Who said nothing comes to you naturally? I am a vegetarian and I love cooking sumptuous, healthy food ?"
Certified Chef